Where We've Been

Omnitech Incorporated was founded by Tim Perry in 2000. The organization first opened in Elmore, and hasn't moved far. Beginning as a one man shop, he quickly began to take on work as people heard of the newly opened business.

Soon, as work increased, so did his family. Omnitech, Inc. is a family owned business. We value our customers as family and hold great respect for the small businesses as well as leading corporations. The Elmore community has been a big part of Omnitech. And a special thanks goes out to our loyal customers and the Tri-County area.

Where We're Going

For over a decade, Omnitech has served the Tri-County area, as well as shipped throughout the United States. We offer many different services to fit the customer's comfort-zone.

It is apparent of our stance. Through tough economic times, Omnitech survives and continues to offer great value for our products.

We are expanding our capabilites, learning new techniques, and are practicing new methods for product assurance for our customer's needs. Because the only way to go up, is to bring our customers with us.

We know times are hard,

let us help to make things easy!